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St Mary's Special School Drumcar.

Deus Caritas Est.


Some of our pupils like to relax and enjoy within sensory environments. 

Please use the following links and downloads to help replicate those experiences at home.

Sensory Videos

These can be enjoyed via a smart TV, laptop, small tablet or mobile device.

Deep Space

Take a stimulating voyage into outer space

African Bird Safari

Relax to the sound of these stunning creatures

Under The Sea

Enjoy the the depths in High definition.


Unwind with the soothing sounds of a tropical forest.

Sensory Music

Click Below to download some royalty free Sensory MP3's

Rainforest Sounds.mp3 

Making Sensory Bottles

Links to sensory products

Below are some links to some home sensory  lighting and equipment.


Sensory Items/Toys

Sensory Activities

Click here for an extensive list of Sensory Activities you can try at home